City street changes

The proposals mean St Augustine Street will become one way northbound, with a new link between Edward Street and Pitt Street for all southbound traffic, via Magpie Road, for traffic heading towards the inner ring road and the city centre.

The Project includes:

  • A new one-way traffic system northbound up St Augustine's Street, eastbound along Magpie Road, southbound along Esdelle Street/ Edward Street and then west along a new link road to be built between Edward Street and Pitt Street.
  • Streetscape enhancements on St Augustine's Street involving narrowing the carriageway and widening the pavements.
  • A 20-mph speed limit along St Augustine's Street.
  • Traffic light controlled pedestrian crossings at St Augustine's Gate junction, Pitt Street, Magpie Road/Esdelle Street junction and the new link road.
  • Closure of Bakers Road to vehicles at its junction with St Augustine's Street.
  • Streetscape and landscaping, including a number of street trees and new planted areas.

Structural maintenance work, strengthening the carriageway on St Augustine's Street and Magpie Road, and gas main replacement by National Grid along St Augustine's Street will be carried out at the same time to minimise future disruption, but the street will be closed to traffic for around 15 weeks from June to mid-September.

The sequence of works will be broadly as follows:

  • Construction of link road between Edward Street and Pitt Street.
  • Service diversions and junction realignment of Esdelle Street with Magpie Road, carriageway construction to Edward Street and off-carriageway works Bakers Road.
  • Completion of Esdelle Street/Magpie Road junction including resurfacing to Magpie Road.
  • Reconstruction of northern part of St Augustine's Street from St Augustine's Gate to Sussex Street. Construction of traffic island and crossings at St Augustine's Gate junction and permanent closure works to Bakers Road.  Replacement of gas main on St Augustine's Street.
  • Reconstruction of southern part St Augustine's Street between Sussex Street junction and Pitt Street.  Completion of gas main on St Augustine's Street.
  • Construction of traffic islands, pavements on Edward Street, and streetscape works.  Remodelling of Edward Street/Magdalan Street junction.

The construction works are expected to last 10 months.

Tony Adams, Councty Councillor and Chair of the Norwich Highways Agency Committee, said: "This is excellent news for the whole area, especially St Augustine's Street itself, which has gained little and suffered a lot from complete dominance of heavy two-way traffic in a narrow street.  We recognise that traders are bound to be concerned about the long closure, but in the longer term this promises a complete transformation, providing more space and cleaner air for shoppers, and a far more attractive enviroment with the amount of traffic halved at a stroke."