East: Both Councils Freeze Council Tax

8 October 2012, 15:39

Both our county councils have announced they're freezing council tax for the next year.

Both Norfolk and Suffolk County Councils are freezing our council tax.

It's the third year running, they've kept it the same.

Mark Bee, leader of Suffolk County Council said:

"The financial climate we're in means people throughout Suffolk are wrestling with their household budgets to make ends meet. It's therefore our moral and professional duty to do everything we can to keep delivering quality public services without asking people for more money, however hard that is to achieve.

"I'm delighted that this additional support from the Government means that we can freeze council tax for a third year and help the hard working people ofSuffolk during these difficult financial times.

"Freezing council tax is not without its consequences. With increasing costs and demand for services, we're going to have to work even harder to ensure the front line services that people rely on do not suffer. Today I'm making a commitment that we'll do everything we can to protect those services.

"We must also make sure that we continue to deliver on our key priorities, including raising school attainment, creating economic growth, protecting vulnerable people and ensuring everyone in Suffolk has access to broadband.

"I'm not saying this is going to be easy but I'm confident that the council's political direction and dedicated staff will ensure the right decisions are made forSuffolk."

This year, the council voted to freeze council tax bills, saving a total of £26 million in the process.