Eating Disorders Awareness Week

A woman who found herself constantly overeating has been telling Heart it is a illness which isn't often spoken about.

A woman who couldn't stop overeating has been telling Heart about how it affected her life.

Michelle from Norwich suffered from overeating between the ages of 18 and 30 until she got help from Overeaters Annonymous - who have meetings in both Norfolk and Suffolk.

She's been speaking to us at the start of Eating Disorders Awareness Week to show that people can suffer from different illnesses apart from just anorexia and bullemia.

Michelle told us about the affect it had on her: "It totally ruined my life. If affected my self-esteem, it affected my family life, it just took over my life because that was all I thought about 24 hours a day was food. It was my best friend. I'd stop going out because I would rather be overeating because that brought me more comfort and people just started to leave me, just disappeared because they just didn't want to be around me - not that they didn't care, they just didn't know how to handle me, how to deal with me."

For more help and advice you can call 07000 784985 or 08702 259728 or follow the links.