Free computers on offer

Low income families are being warned they could miss out on free computers for their children to work on if they don't get their applications in on time.

It is thought six thousand familes in Norfolk alone could benefit from the Government scheme, which is meant to help young people's learning and development.

To be eligible, children must be in any of the school years betwen three and nine and be entitled to free school meals.

There will be one computer available per family, but there are only around 270,000 available across the whole country.

Shelagh Hutson from Norfolk County Council said: 'I would urge Norfolk families to apply for a computer under this scheme.  Children who have access to computer have greater opportunities to explore the world of learning and can really develop their technology skills, which are so important for the world of work.  These computers are provided on a first come - first served basis so families need to apply quickly so that they don't miss out'.

The scheme works by giving families with a cash card and a letter, saying what equipment they can buy and at what value.

To apply call 0333 200 1004 and there's more information at