Gok Wan in Norfolk

14 October 2010, 16:20 | Updated: 14 October 2010, 16:39

Gok Wan's been in Norfolk today for his new book signing.

He was greeted by hundreds of fans at Jarrolds in Norwich to sign copies of his new autobiography.

He told Heart it's important to meet people so they get to see the real him, "There's no point in doing my job unless I do something like this because if you don't go out there and meet the people then you don't really understand it. I do understand that I have a public persona, I do understand that I'm in the press but I'm also a person and it's quite nice to be a person instead of just being a figure that they see once a week on television so for me it's vital."

He added, "It's about having a relationship with yourself and it's understanding who you are as a person and making sure to be unique and different it is absolutely fine you do not want to be like everybody else. I think for a long time women were told they had to be but now we've broken the mould the revolution's begun and fortunately I'm at the front burning bras it's fabulous."