Gorleston: 64 Jobs to go at Hospital

24 February 2012, 08:56 | Updated: 24 February 2012, 11:12

A total of 64 members of staff at the James Paget Hospital on the East Coast have been told they could be losing their jobs.

The Trust have to save £19.5 million by 2014.

A total of 64 posts have been identified and manager say although some of those losses will be offset by redeployment into existing vacancies, regrettably some staff will lose their jobs. 

The redundancies would lead to over £1m in savings each year. 

They also plan to save money by regrading some jobs and other staff will see a reduction in their earnings through changes to working hours.

A formal 90 day consultation period is now underway in line with national guidance. 

Director of Workforce, Kirk Lower said: 'This set of proposals has now been shared with staff representatives and meetings with the staff affected are ongoing. An extensive period of consultation has begun and every effort will be made to redeploy those staff whose jobs are at risk.'

'The Trust has thought very carefully about the proposals and whilst there is never a good time to announce such changes, the financial realities facing us cannot be set aside.;

Paul Smith, Staff Side Secretary said: 'This announcement is obviously very disappointing to us. We are deeply concerned about the impact these proposals will have on staff throughout the Trust and on the local population. We have been assured by the Trust that they will engage with us in meaningful consultation and negotiations, and its important that staff know that we will be doing our utmost to defend job losses, and also to protect those that inevitably will be facing loss of income and changes to their working lives.'

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