Gorleston: Lottery Scam

17 January 2012, 12:26 | Updated: 17 January 2012, 12:29

Police are urging people to be alert for scams after being contacted by a woman in Gorleston in Norfolk last week, who reported that she had received a call saying she had won a lottery - and that she would have to send a U-Cash money voucher after she had received a cheque.

The female caller said the cheque would be coming from Lichtenstein and that she would call again to see if the woman had the money voucher.

This is believed to be a scam and the woman was advised that she should not send any money under these circumstances.

Police are renewing appeals for residents to be vigilant and to stop and think before responding to such calls. There are a number of similar scams via post and email which say you have won a prize but then ask you to send cash in order to claim it.

Police also say that no genuine lottery or competition organisation operates in this manner - this is just a way to get you to part with your cash and you should not respond - and never send money.