Great Yarmouth: MP On Toll Roads

20 March 2012, 17:34 | Updated: 20 March 2012, 17:39

Great Yarmouth MP Brandon Lewis is telling Heart that the Government idea to get private companies to put money into improving roads could help the A47.

Brandon Lewis says making it a toll road could be a way for getting it done.

It's after the Prime Minister announced a plan yesterday to "privatise'' some major roads in England.

He said it would be one of the best ways to maintain them as the Government can't afford to pay for repairs. 

Some critics think it would start a trend of European style toll roads up and down the country.

However, Mr Lewis says it could help the A47: "I think we've really got to imrpove our infrastructure and if we want to do that we've got to find the funding to do it and therefore this does potentially open up a really exciting opportunity."

Brandon Lewis on toll roads with Heart's Neil Perry