Gt Yarmouth: Family Of Murdered Man Pay Tribute

11 April 2013, 18:35 | Updated: 11 April 2013, 18:43

The family of a man murdered outside a Great Yarmouth pub have paid tribute to him as five people are convicted of his killing.

Ian was a much loved son, brother, father, uncle and grandfather as well as a good friend to many. 

Our world changed forever in the early hours of Sunday 5 May 2012 when the Police knocked on our door to tell us that Ian had been seriously injured. We spent the next two days with Ian whilst he lay in a coma, all desperately hoping for positive news – sadly this never came and we had to endure the agony of watching Ian pass away. 

Everybody who knew Ian has been touched by his death – we have been left totally devastated, our lives have changed forever. 

Ian's mother said: "I cannot explain how I feel, my whole world fell apart when they took my son from us. It was the worst day of my life having to say goodbye to Ian." 

Ian's father said: "No family should have to suffer the loss of a loved one in such a cruel and mindless way." 

Ian's brother said: "I miss my little bro my life has changed for the worst ever since I got the phone call about Ian last year. Ian was such a lovely bro, good friend and my life will never be the same." 

We all as a family recently had to cope with Christmas without Ian which was a very difficult time. 

April 2013 will be a difficult month – the result of a traumatic trial and a number of family birthdays, Ian would have been celebrating his 41st birthday on 19th April. 

Ian's elder sister said: "My birthday is in April, but this year I don't want to celebrate it without Ian." 

"It is a year ago when I last saw Ian, when we went out for dinner together having a laugh and a joke as brothers and sisters do." 

"My whole life has been torn apart since losing Ian but he'll always be with me and I'll always love him." 

Ian's younger sister said: "A thousand words cannot describe how much my life has changed without having my bro here, it's torn me apart and I feel like I'm only half the person I was. 

"We were always so close, Ian wasn't just my bro he was my best friend. He was a lovely fun and caring uncle to my children and their lives have been turned upside down and are going through counselling to help them cope. 

"Last year my elder son turned 18, he didn't want to celebrate his birthday because he and Ian had made plans to celebrate it together – but we lost Ian 10 days before my son turned 18." 

Ian had moved to Great Yarmouth three years ago to be near to his family, now we sadly feel unable to remain in the town because it is far too distressing to stay. 

It's painful to think that we will never again see Ian at any of our family gatherings and never again will we hear the sound of his laughter. 

Ian won't be able to see his little grandson grow up, whilst those responsible for his death will still be able to see their family and friends - they took that right away when they did what they did to Ian. 

Our ongoing thoughts are that although Ian wasn't an angel, neither was he a bully or a fighter, but he would rather have a laugh and joke. Ian could talk for England, enjoyed a drink and loved to socialise. 

Above all, Ian loved life and was a good person who will never be forgotten by his family. 

Nothing can bring Ian back but seeing justice done will help ease some of the burden that we all now carry with us everyday.  

We would like to say thank you to all those who have helped us through the last 11 unimaginable months including police and the homicide victim support service, and we would ask to be left alone at this time.