Hairdresser Helps Cancer Sufferers

7 June 2011, 06:00

A woman who started to lose her hair when she had chemotherapy for breast cancer has been telling Heart why she has decided to help other people going through the same experience

A woman who had chemotherapy for breast cancer is telling Heart about how she plans to help people going through the same treatment.

45-year-old Sue Helps who runs FresHair salon in Norwich had to wear a wig after her hair started to fall out from having chemotherapy three years ago.

She has now signed up for a course run by charity My New Hair to learn how to style wigs and hair for other people with cancer as well as helping them after their chemotherapy treatment when their hair starts to grow back.

When she has learnt her new skills, Sue will then run sessions from her salon - with some of the money going back into the charity.

She told Heart that it's not about just knowing what to do, it's about giving emotional support as well: "I can build a relationship with people because they can feel relaxed from the moment they meet me knowing that I'm not just going to be able to look at their hair and say 'Right this is how we're going to style it' - it's all the emotional side of it because you have a lot of questions that you want answered."

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Sue is being sponsored to take part in the course by Barkers Hairdressing Wholesalers of Norwich and Matrix Hair Suppliers. Her salon is based within a five mintute drive of the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. All appointments /treatments will be carried out in a private treatment room, not in the main salon and on an Appointment Basis only.