Horror film on Broads

A brand new horror movie that was shot on the Norfolk Broads is about to get a release in America.

It has been picked up for a release in the USA for a release at the end of the month, and should be at cinemas in the UK in the spring.

The film, set on the Norfolk Broads, stars Anna Brewster (Anita & Me, Mrs Henderson Presents), Scarlett Johnson (Adulthood), Will Mellor (Two Pints of Lager…) Danny Caltagirone (The Beach, The Pianist) and Geoff Bell (Greenstreet, The Business) and is about a group of Londoners on a weekend boat trip, who discover a terrifying secret when they get stranded in the reed banks over night.

It was filmed in places like Hickling Broad, St Olaves and Lowestoft.

Producer, Simon Sprackling, said, “We are surprised and delighted to be signed up for such a prestigious genre showcase and to have the weight of the premier US genre studio behind us. We are the only UK feature of the eight worldwide genre titles selected to take part, and the first British picture to ever appear at Horrorfest.”

Sprackling admits though that it was not an easy film to make on a sub million pound budget. “We got put back a year, had to change a lot of personnel and get the film bonded through a South African company - as no UK or US company would touch it at this level.”

“In the end I think this is just reward for the determination and durability of the director, the cast and crew, and of course our backers - as well as a fitting testament to the talent and ingenuity of the whole team.” 

Director Nick Cohen confirmed the scale of the challenge. “Night shooting in boats, reed banks, water and mud, in November was never going to be an easy task - especially with so many fire, action and stunt sequences. But I think the uniqueness of the terrain and the ruggedness of the conditions does actually come across on screen – and that’s added a real sense of danger, atmosphere and authenticity to a great script and some terrific performances”.

It was shot with the support of the Screen East Content Investment Fund.

CEO of Screen East, Laurie Hayward, said “We are delighted to be associated with this chilling deadly ordeal movie set in the atmospheric glistening waterways of the Norfolk Broads."