IPCC To Investigate Police Handling Of Lowestoft Child Deaths

16 April 2013, 19:53 | Updated: 16 April 2013, 20:56

The Independent Police Complaints Commission are to investigate after it emerged officers visited a mother hours before she and her three children died.

Police have told Heart they visited London Road South as part of an investigation into a stabbing that had reportedly happened on Sunday evening on Mill Road in Lowestoft.

They spoke to Fiona Anderson at the flat but she refused to let officers in and the man, who was the victim of the stabbing, they had gone there to speak to wasn't inside so they left.

Hours later, Fiona fell from a multi-storey car park to her death.

Now officers say further investigations have found the report of a stabbing in the street was false and that the stabbing actually happened at the address on London Road South.  The IPCC have been called in to investigate how officers handled the incident.

Detective Superintendent John Brocklebank gave a statement outside Lowestoft Police Station about the stabbing incident:

Lowestoft Deaths Stabbing Statement

On Monday police investigating Fiona's death found her three children dead inside the London Road South home.

This evening a post mortem examination on Fiona Anderson found she had died from head injuries consistent with a fall from a height.  A post mortem examination on 3-year-old Levina was inconclusive and more test will now be done.  The post mortem examinations on the other two children aged 2 and 11-months old are still taking place at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.

Detective Superintendent John Brocklebank gave Heart an update about the case at Lowestoft police station this evening:

Lowestoft Children Police Statement Tuesday

CCTV images have also been released on Fiona's last movements and police hope it'll jog people's memories.  They want anyone who saw or spoke to her on Monday morning to come forward.  Especially a cyclist seen passing her on the CCTV images.

Lowestoft mum cctv 2

Lowestoft mum cctv 1