Jail for Drug Dealer

22 December 2012, 06:00

Man from Ipswich jailed for trying to set up a drug dealing network in Norwich.

21 year old Dwayne Farrell of Peterhouse Close in Ipswich was sentenced to three and a half years in prison at Norwich Crown Court.

He'd been staying at a hotel close to Norwich railway station. Known to his customers as 'Chubbs', Farrell had established a drug supply network in the city and was dealing heroin and crack cocaine on the streets around Riverside Road.

Det Sgt Robin Windsor Waite from Norfolk Constabulary's Tactical Crime Unit said: "We received information that a male known only as 'Chubbs' had established a supply network in the city. We didn't know his real name but we knew where he was operating and his general description. The team deployed in the Riverside area and within hours Farrell was in custody and his supply operation shut down."

Officers saw him board the Norwich to London service at Thorpe railway station and intercepted him when he returned a few hours later. He was taken to the Police Investigation Centre in Wymondham where he subsequently passed a number of packages of class A drugs which he had hidden within his body.