Lowestoft: Mum's Last Facebook Messages Before Three Children Were Found Dead

16 April 2013, 12:40 | Updated: 16 April 2013, 12:55

A mum who died falling from a car park in Lowestoft left harrowing messages on Facebook before the death of her three children.

The 21-year-old, named locally as Fiona Anderson, died from head injuries after the fall from the multi-storey in the centre of town yesterday morning.

She was heavily pregnant and when police began to investigate her death they found the bodies of a 3-year-old, a 2-year-old and an 11-month-old at a flat in London Road South.

Facebook messages left by Fiona give clues to her state of mind before the deaths.  It appears she'd split from the children's father the day before.

These are the last messages Fiona left:

"I love them ill keep them safe"

"Levina addy kyden evalie mummy will keep you safe. Mummy loves you. Mummy will keep you safe"

"No 1 wants us. No 1 will help us. The people who are supposed to help us just tell lies and try to take my babies away. I keep tryin but no1 will listen. **** was all we had now he's gone. He hurt us and left us on our own. Were trapped here we can't get away. Everyone wants to hurt us. Their daddy the love of my life wants to hurt us. I can't make it stop. I want it all to go away but it won't stop. I need to hug my babies while their sleeping and keep them safe and never let go."

"My 4 beautiful babies Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

"**** ********. All we did was love you. We never gave up on you. You have hurt us so much for so long. I gave you everything I could. Your kids worshipped you like a god. You didn't need to hurt us but you did. You hurt us too much this time. You broke all our hearts. We still love you but well never ever forgive you."

"Levina addy kyden evalie. Mummy loves you so much and ill always be there looking after you all. I love you. I'm sorry I let you get hurt. I'm sorry you had to see me hurting. Well never be hurt again"

"I would never do anything to hurt my kids. I just want to keep them safe and happy. So many people tried to hurt them and make them sad but ill never let that happen again. Ill never leave them. Ill always love all 4 of them more than words can describe. Ill always be with them keeping them safe."

"Levina kalesha mclelland 21/07/2009. Addy craig mclelland 11/06/2010. Kyden james mclelland 11/05/2012. Evalie briana mclelland due 10/06/2013. XXxxxxxxxXX the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Love you babies so much. Mummy will always love you and ill never leave you. Xxxxxxx"