More Cuts at Norfolk County Council?

7 November 2012, 06:00 | Updated: 7 November 2012, 09:25

Norfolk County Council has begun full review to try and find ways of saving £125 million pounds.

The review is part of the advance planning ahead of further anticipated grant funding reductions from 2014 onwards.
The Council has already delivered total savings of over £135 million over the three year period ending March 2014 and big changes of some key services.
They now say with further savings expected to be needed from 2014 onwards they are wanting to get ahead and look for any changes they may have to make.
The review is expected to deliver recommendations for change by the Spring of 2013.

Commenting on the review County Council Leader Derrick Murphy said:

“This is an essential step to take if we are to be confident the authority has the skills, and set up, necessary to close the ever widening gap between what it can expect from grants in the future and what it needs to spend on essential services for Norfolk people.

“Our priority is clear. We want to see essential services protected and, wherever possible, enhanced, whoever delivers them in the future. To do this, we need to re-balance our income so that in future we generate much more for ourselves. The economic messages are stark - we can’t rely on Government grants to close the gaps in future, and in any event, I don’t think we should.

“In essence, we are reviewing all our operations now to put Norfolk County Council ever more firmly in the driving seat of change. That way it will have more control of its own destiny and be far less reliant on Government in the future.”

Staff and Trades Unions at Norfolk County Council were briefed about the review and proposed timetable by the Chief Executive yesterday and the review has now begun.

Chief Executive David White said:

“This is a very necessary next step of the Council’s planning for the future. No local authority can stand still. It is vital that public services such as ours continue to review and adapt their delivery and structures to best respond to what their residents need and that is what we are doing. We must become an even more enterprising authority with a stronger business-like focus, embracing even greater innovation and flexibility in the way we bring in income and commission services.

“I am proud that the County Council has such a strong, skilled and motivated workforce all firmly committed to helping secure the very best for Norfolk and for the people who live, work and visit here. I am confident this review, though fast paced, will position the authority even better to help achieve this.”