More Training to Stop Underage Sales

30 September 2010, 00:00

There is going to be extra training on offer to shops and workers to heo stop underage drinking.

The free courses in Suffolk will include things like learning how to spot fake ID and seeing actual footage of how things can go wrong.

The Retailer Training Scheme will give out guidance of the law surrounding age restricted products like alcohol, tobacco and fireworks.

Stuart Hughes, Senior Trading Standards Officer at Suffolk County Council, said; “We’ve done a lot of work with retailers across the county to make sure they’re aware of the consequences of selling age restricted products to those who are underage and this is the next step in ensuring Suffolk continues to be a safe county to live and work in.

“Working with the East of England Co-operative we’ve been able to devise a course which will teach those who are in charge of the sales to know what to do if they are faced with a situation involving a child trying to illegally buy a product which is age restricted.”

Seven training sessions are planned starting at Bury St Edmunds Fire Station on 30th of September 2010 followed by one each month until the end of March 2011.

 The available training dates are:

 •           30th September 2010 – Bury St Edmunds Fire Station

•           20th October 2010 – Newmarket Fire Station

•           18th November 2010 – Haverhill Fire Station

•           9th December 2010 – Bury St Edmunds Fire Station

•           13th January 2011 – Newmarket Fire Station

•           17th February 2011 – Haverhill Fire Station

•           17th March 2011 - Bury St Edmunds Fire Station

 To book on any of the sessions retailers should contact Trading Standards on 01473 264859 and ask for the available dates and venues for the Retailer Training Scheme. 

 Places available for each business will be limited to ensure every business has the opportunity to attend.  Further sessions may be offered for other employees later in the year providing there is availability