New BeWILDerwood Series Book Launch

BeWILDerwood author Tom Blofeld has been talking exclusively to Heart about his new book.

BeWILDermuddle is the third book from the popular children’s series BeWILDerwood.

This book sees the arrival of the Grubbles, who travel to BeWILDerwood with the help of their friends, the Boggles.

The Norfolk based children’s author is also the creator and owner of the award-winning curious treehouse adventure park, near Wroxham.

Tom says: “We’ve got some very new silly characters; silliness is my forte. There’s lots to read in here and there’s a new tribe. It’s pleasantly silly.”

Tom will be doing book signings and a reading at the park this week as part of a week long celebration of the arrival of the Grubbles.