New Fluffy Arrival At Zoo!

26 June 2012, 14:28 | Updated: 26 June 2012, 14:34

Banham Zoo’s snow leopards, Rocky and Enif, have produced another cub.


Despite her being nothing more than a model mother with her first litter, zoo staff carefully monitored Enif’s progress during the latter stages of her pregnancy via four CCTV cameras installed in her cubbing box.  Internet connection enabled keepers to keep an eye on her around the clock.


She finally decided to give birth at 9.30am just as the zoo opened to the public on Monday 18th. June. Visitors on the day will have been unaware of the excitement and drama that was unfolding but keepers were constantly monitoring Enif’s progress leading to the birth of two cubs. 


Unfortunately one cub was small and weakly and did not survive. The remaining cub is robust and receiving the full care and loving attention of Enif.


An exterior monitor screen at the Snow Leopard Enclosure is now activated providing visitors with the unique opportunity to follow the cub’s progress via the CCTV cameras located in the off show cubbing box.  Enif will naturally be very protective of her cub during the first few vital weeks and keep the cub in the quiet and dark of her off-show den.


Enif & Rocky have been together since 2008 when Enif arrived from Tokyo Zoo, Japan as part of the international conservation-breeding programme for this endangered species.  She is descended from a vitally important male within the breeding programme she did not have any other living descendants in the European population, so breeding from her was regarded as a high priority.