Norfolk and Suffolk Child Runaways

Collectively 2,300 children runaway from home or care in Norfolk and Suffolk each year. The comprehensive report ‘Still Running 3’ was released today by The Children’s Society and states that a high number of children are being forced to run away from the difficult situations they face either at home or in care.

Ultimately, these children then face significant danger. With more than a third first choosing to run before the age of thirteen, 26% of runaways in Norfolk and Suffolk have been victims of a harmful or dangerous experience. The research also exposes that there is a very strong link between familial relationships and running away with the choice to run acting as a clear indicator of potential longer-term problems.

            Chief Executive Bob Reitemeier describes The Children’s Society as “deeply concerned” explaining that “poor quality family relationships and neglectful parenting are making children and young people feel helpless. Everyone has a part to play in making runaways safe”. With seven in ten runaways not reported missing to the police, The Children’s Society is calling on the central Government to “put this issue to the top of their priority lists” and create a national safety net, including a national action plan, for Britain’s run away children.