Norfolk: Broadband Campaign

3 April 2012, 05:00

Heart's being told that nearly 14,000 people have now signed up to a campaign to get better broadband in Norfolk.

With the next phase of the County Council's project to improve broadband speed and access in Norfolk poised to begin in April, residents and businesspeople have had a final say in the push to get better broadband.

Nearly 14,000 people in Norfolk have now signed up to the campaign to demonstrate the demand that exists in Norfolk for better broadband, which was launched by Norfolk County Council in January. A surge in registrations in the last week saw the figure increase by around 2,000 in the space of a few days.

Paper forms that have been completed over the weekend will be entered onto the website over the next few days and are likely to take the figure to over 14,000. This figure and the associated information gathered through the campaign will start to be used this month as the contract to become the council's partner in the project is put out to tender to the private sector.

Anyone who hasn't said yes to better broadband in Norfolk yet is still being encouraged to sign up at or by calling 0344 800 8023.