Norfolk: Four Cars Pulled From Floodwater

10 March 2013, 07:40 | Updated: 10 March 2013, 07:55

Four cars have been pulled from floodwater in Norfolk by firefighters trying to rescue people trapped inside.

Crews from Long Stratton and Carrow rescued two people stuck in their car in the ford in Tasburgh.  Then five hours later they were back in Tasburgh to rescue one person stuck in the floodwaters on Low Road.

In New Buckenham the occupants of a car were rescued by firefighters when their car was winched out of floodwater on Danbrigg.

And in Broome a disabled lady was rescued by boat when she became trapped in floodwaters.  The crew from Loddon and Carrow helped bring her to safety and pulled the car from the water.

There's a warning from emergency services that floodwaters in Norfolk and Suffolk remain high and to stay away from fords and badly flooded roads.

The snow today is expected to make road conditions worse.

There are Flood Warnings from the Environment Agency around Halesworth, Aldringham and Wrentham in Suffolk.