Norfolk: New Fund To Keep People Away From Crime

16 January 2014, 07:05 | Updated: 16 January 2014, 07:56

£100,000 will be given to those who help keep our county safe in voluntary or community organisations.

Norfolk's Police and Crime Commissioner has set up a fund of £100,000 which will deliver grants to those working in voluntary, charitable or community organisations to help keep youngsters and offenders off the streets.

Stephen Bett launched the major 'Safer Norfolk Fund' and wants those working in these organisations to bid for up to £10,000.

These organisations include:

  1. Tackling domestic abuse and sexual violence
  2. Supporting and preventing victimisation
  3. Rehabilitating offenders and preventing reoffenders
  4. Supporting those in mental health and personality disorder issues to prevent offending and victimisation
  5. Supporting those with alcohol and drug misuse to prevent offending and victimisation
  6. Helping young people stay clear of crime
  7. Supporting minority communities and improving community relations

Stephen said: “During my first year as Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner I have travelled the length and breadth of Norfolk and seen first-hand some incredible work done by dedicated people. I have met people who have a drive and determination to turn the lives of others around and those who give up their time to help and make a genuine difference.

“There are those working with youngsters trying to help them set off on the right path, those supporting victims and others running offender rehabilitation programmes to get former offenders back into employment, education or training.

“I said from the outset I wanted to do something to support the wide range of charitable, voluntary and community organisations across Norfolk working in these key areas day in, day out. That is why today I am launching this fund and asking those working in these areas to come forward and bid for money.”

For further information about the fund and to apply online visit