Norwich in 90

A campaign to make train services between Norwich and London faster has been started.

The Norwich in Ninety campaign wants to see the service cut to an hour and a half instead of nearly two hours.

Currently the 115 mile journey between London and Norwich takes around 1hr 50mins.  Birmingham is a similar distance (118 miles) abut can be reached from London in 1hr 23, while trains can cover the 180 miles to York in only 9 minutes more than it takes to get to Norwich.

The campaign is backed by all the local councils, businesses and tourism, who want to see the changes.

It is hoped that the Government will agree to make whoever takes over the mainline service from National Express sign up to make the changes.

The Norwich in Ninety Campaign want to see these improvements:

  • A 90 minute journey between Norwich and the capital
  • A more reliable service
  • New trains and carriages, with the new wifi internet service
  • More capacity to stop over-crowding a peak times