Norwich: City To Celebrate Olympic Flame

28 May 2012, 06:01 | Updated: 29 May 2012, 09:51

The Olympic Flame will be arriving in Norwich on Wednesday 4th July welcomed by celebrations in Chapelfield Gardens before continuing its journey to London where the final flame will be lit on Friday 27 July to mark the start of the 2012 Games.

The Torch will arrive in the City at 5.57pm. Greeted by a mechanical boat created by Tin House and The Puppet Theatre, accompanied by one of the young people's street theatre groups created by the Garage especially for the event, the Torch will then travel through the decorated streets to the celebrations at Chapelfield Gardens by 6.48pm. The last Torchbearer is expected to light the Olympic cauldron on the stage at 7pm.

Thousands of people are expected to line the route as local Torchbearers, chosen by their communities, carry the Flame to an on-stage cauldron, which will be lit at 7pm as part of a live broadcast. Leader of Norwich City Council Brenda Arthur said: “Our vision is that this will be a whole city celebration welcoming the Torch to the streets of Norwich.”

The show for the evening celebration will begin at 5pm with a performance of The Pulse, followed by live band Morning Parade, as well as acrobats and dancers, footage of the Olympic Torch Relay and a digital screen show. There will also be entertainment throughout the day in the city centre, including stilt-walkers, music, dancers and acrobats, a 3D projection on the castle, and all the action on the outdoor screen at the Forum.

Norwich will also bid the Flame farewell from the castle at 6.45am the next morning. The Olympic Torch will be lit on the battlements of Norwich Castle as the five Olympic colours are trailed down the walls by abseilers. The Cathedral bells will then ring out at 7am, marking the start of Day 48 of the Olympic Torch Relay. Once the Torchbearer reaches the river, the Torch will be rowed from Pulls Ferry to Riverside Road in a decorated old-style skiff, accompanied by the Norwich Philharmonic Chorus as the celebrations, and the City’s part in the rely, ends.

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The Flame will leave Norwich on Thursday 5 July via Acle, Filby and Great Yarmouth as it moves onwards to Ipswich for more celebrations.

The celebrations at Chapelfield Gardens are free.