Norwich: Flats Evacuated After Gas Leak

29 June 2012, 10:12 | Updated: 29 June 2012, 11:05

Residents have been evacuated from a block of flats in the Pilling Park Road area of Norwich following reports of a gas leak.

Police were alerted shortly before 9am today Friday 29 June 2012 and a 100m cordon has been put in place as a matter of precaution.

The Fire Service are also attending the scene and have carried out an emergency repair until the extent of the damage can be fully assessed by the National Grid. The repair is holding and there is no gas leaking from the location - which is in the open air - at this time.

There are no public buildings or schools within the cordoned off area. 

Police are co-ordinating the evacuation and working with partner agencies offer support and assistance.