Norwich: Mum Had PIP Implants Removed

24 January 2012, 05:00

A Mum from Norwich who spent thousands of pounds having her PIP breast implants removed when they ruptured is telling Heart she now wants to help other women.

Debbie Chettleburgh originally had the surgery after she had her children to improve her self esteem. 

However, around three years later, she found out the implants she had been given had ruptured. She says she then had to use her savings to get them removed to avoid getting health problems.

Debbie says she now wants to help women, who can't afford to have the implants taken out, get the money from private clinics who put them in. 

She also told us none of the women she has met expect the NHS to pay for it: "I think all of the women who've got them in, they don't agree that the NHS should be paying to remove them. They believe that the clinics should.

I'm glad I've had mine removed but I feel at the moment I'm living it with all the other girls and I want to help them and do all I can for them. It is on my mind all the time because no-body has done serious analysis on them and no-body knows the long term effects it has on our bodies. It's a continual worry."

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