Norwich: NDR Given £86.5 million

14 December 2011, 13:35 | Updated: 15 December 2011, 07:09

After years of campaigning, the Government has announced that it has approved funding of £86.5 million to the Norwich Northern Distributor Road.

The new road runs to the East and North of Norwich with a new junction onto the A47 at Postwick and the total cost will be £111.1 million.

Funding for this scheme is approved subject to Norfolk County Council agreeing to fund a package of sustainable transport measures in the city centre.

Reaction from today's announcement:

Chloe Smith, Norwich North MP:

"This is good news. I have long supported the proposed road scheme and spoke about it in my first speeches in Parliament. I have most recently been pressing transport ministers to approve it. The campaigning has paid off.

"It will help businesses and support job creation. It also stands to free residents from congestion and improve the green travel choices available in the city centre."

Andy Wood, Chairman of the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership:

"This is a truly significant decison. We know that the road scheme will directly create thousands of new jobs and has the potential to transform the economic prospects of northern Norwich and significant parts of Norfolk. it is gratifying that the Government has chosen to invest in a project which is so important to our area."

Caroline Williams, Chief Executive - Norfolk Chamber of Commerce:

"The Government has been asking what it can do to help businesses through the current challenging economic situation and has been told loud and clear that improved infrastructure is vital to support the growth agenda. This news is welcome and will enhance Norwich’s future economy."

Gary Howard, Chair of Norwich Chamber Council / Director of Employer Partnerships: City College Norwich:

"To assist with delivering economic growth it is vital that we provide good reliable access for businesses, for them to be able to effectively and efficiently operate. The Northern Distributor road will vastly improve the existing and future businesses development, enabling them to flourish by avoiding the currently congested routes; resulting in increased supply of both goods and services. Logistics plays a vital part to many businesses and the improvements to this area would encourage businesses to grow and invest in Greater Norwich; whilst improving vehicle movement on the alternative routes hence freeing up some of the more congested routes."

Richard Marks, General Manager - John Lewis Norwich:

"John Lewis supports the Norwich Area Transport Strategy which is so dependent on the NDR coming to fruition - removing through traffic from Norwich city centre and increasing pedestrianisation will be of huge commercial benefit to city centre retailers."

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