Norwich Paedophile Appears in Court

3 March 2010, 15:44 | Updated: 3 March 2010, 15:56

A Norwich man has admitted to distributing indecent images of children around the UK using mobile phones.

Carl Gardner from Coleburn Road, who was at the centre if a paedophile ring, used four mobile phones and 28 sim cards to send out images of children to other paedophiles. Police say eight other suspects linked to Gardener have also been arrested.

On Wednesday the 30-year-old attended Norwich Crown Court, admitting to 10 counts of making indecent images, one of possessing extreme pornography and one of possessing indecent images with a view to distribute.

Detective Jamie Hollis explains how he was posing as three different people on three chat rooms “He posed as a father of four boys, a mother and a young child. His idea was to try and make friends and enter into conversations, testing the water to find like-minded people.” “He eventually would lead them into discussions of an inappropriate nature”.

Gardener is due to be sentenced on April 6.