Norwich: Three Drug Dealers Jailed

Three drug dealers have been jailed for their part in a network of drug dealers in Norwich and London.

Graham Meadows, aged 29 and of Key and Castle Yard in Norwich, Ademola Adisa, a 19-year-old from Varley Road in London, and 17-year-old Muamba Diyoka of Albert Close in London were part of a drug dealing network based in both cities using the street name “TY”.

They've been given a total of 10 years behind bars.

Detectives from Norfolk’s Tactical Crime Unit were able to successfully prove a case of conspiracy to supply both heroin and cocaine between February and April 2012, despite the fact that no drugs were ever recovered.

In Norwich “TY” operated mainly from a house in Key and Castle Yard and conducted deals in an alley off Oak Street.

Meadows, Adisa and Diyoka all admitted their part in the conspiracy. At Norwich Crown Court reporting restrictions which had prevented the naming of Diyoka were lifted.

On Monday 7 January 2013 Meadows was sentenced to three years in prison, and today, Monday 14 January, Adisa received a sentence of three years and three months, and Diyoka was told he must spend three years and six months in prison.

Officer in the case, Detective Constable Craig Turner said: “Drug dealers increasingly use a range of tactics to avoid detection by police, using modern technology and hiding drugs inside themselves. Despite the challenges this gives investigating officers, this case goes to show that we will always find a way round whatever tactics criminals try to employ.

“This was an unusual case in that we didn’t recover any drugs, but we were still able to prove the conspiracy and the defendants admitted this in court. This will have impacted upon the supply of drugs in Norwich and should serve as a strong warning that dealing is not accepted in the city, and those who ignore this can expect a prison sentence.”

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