Parents Reminded To Make School Choices

13 January 2011, 05:00

The people in charge of our school admissions are urging parents to submit their applications for choices before the deadline this week. Applications for places in primary and middle schools are due in this Friday in Suffolk, whilst in Norfolk, applications for reception and junior schools need to be in by Saturday.

If they are submitted late it could mean that parents don't get the school of their choice.

Ian Brown, who looks after admissions in Suffolk, spoke to Heart:

"I think parents really want to be sure that their children are going to the school that they want them to go to. They need to think about what their choices are going to be and they need to get their skates on to do that. It's really important to apply by the end of this week."

Suffolk County Councillor Graham Newman said:

"It is not possible for Suffolk County Council to guarantee a place at a catchment area school. Therefore, it is recommended that parents and carers include a second and third preference on their application form. If there is more demand for places at a school than are available, the county council’s over-subscription criteria will be used to determine who is offered a place."

You can submit your application through the links at the side of the page, where you will also be able to find out more about the application process and the over-subscription criteria.