People Trafficking - Nine Bailed

Suffolk Police have confirmed to Heart that nine out of 11 people arrested and bailed after an operation targeting people trafficking and prostitution have been re-bailed pending further enquiries.
All are bailed to return to the Martlesham Police Investigation Centre. 
Two of the eleven people arrested have been released and are to have no further action taken against them in respect of this investigation.  The details are as follows:
Ipswich Raid
45-year-old female bailed to 10am 15th October.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM ON 19/1/11.   RE-BAILED TO 10AM 6/5/11.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM 7/7/11.  No further Action.
27-year-old female bailed to 11am 18th October 2010.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM ON 20/1/11.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM 9/5/11.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM 8/7/11. Rebailed to 16.8.1121-year-old female bailed to 10am 19th October.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM ON 21/1/11.  RE-BAILED TO 11AM 10/5/11.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM 11/7/11. Re-bailed to 17/8/11.
Norwich Raid
25-year-old male bailed to 10am 13th October.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM ON 17/1/11.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM 4/5/11.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM 5/7/11.  No further action.
23-year-old female bailed to 10am 14th October.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM ON 18/1/11.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM 5/5/11.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM 6/7/11. Re-bailed to 18/8/11
39-year-old male bailed to 10am 22nd October.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM ON 26/1/11.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM 13/5/11.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM 14/7/11. Re-bailed to 18/8/11
Additional Arrests
22-year-old female arrested on 21st July in Chelmsford bailed to 11am 20th October.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM ON 24/1/11.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM 11/5/11.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM 12/7/11.  Re-bailed to 16/8/11
45-year-old male arrested on 23rd July in Hatfield bailed to 10am 25th October.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM ON 27/1/11.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM 16/5/11.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM 15/7/11.  Re-bailed to 17/8/11
23-year-old female arrested on 16th August in Ipswich bailed to 10am 22nd November (and not October as previously stated).  RE-BAILED TO 10AM ON 28/01/11.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM 17/5/11.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM 18/7/11. Re-bailed to 17/8/11
26-year-old female arrested on 22nd September in Colchester bailed to 11am 22nd November.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM ON 31/01/11.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM 18/5/11.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM 19/7/11.  Re-bailed to 18/8/11.
24-year-old female arrested in November entering the country at Harwich bailed to 10am 19/5/11.  RE-BAILED TO 10AM 20/7/11. Re-bailed to 18/8/11.
The arrests followed a multi-force and multi-agency operation which was held on Wednesday 21st July 2010, targeting people trafficking and prostitution.
Suffolk Constabulary led the operation which saw officers from Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Wiltshire and Devon and Cornwall execute five warrants at premises in Ipswich, Norwich, Harwich, Swindon and Tedburn St Mary in Devon.
The UK Border Agency, the Crown Prosecution Service Complex Case Unit and the UK Human Trafficking Centre were also involved. Specialist officers from the Serious Organised Crime Agencys (SOCA) Vulnerable Persons Team were also utilised, as they are experienced in interviewing trafficking victims.
All persons were arrested on suspicion of:
1. Conspiracy to Traffic person(s) into the UK for Sexual Exploitation contrary to S 57 Sexual Offences Act 2003.
2. Conspiracy to Traffic person(s) within the UK for Sexual Exploitation contrary to S 58 Sexual Offences Act 2003.
3. Conspiracy to Manage / Keep / Act / Assist in the Management of a Brothel for Prostitution contrary to S33A Sexual Offences Act 1956.
Five victims were also located following the searches. Two were located in relation to the Ipswich raid, one in relation to the Norwich raid and two in relation to the Swindon raid. These victims are currently been engaged with by suitably trained staff and afforded the best possible care. SOCA are working closely with the constabularies involved in this operation and other partners to manage victim care and welfare issues.
No persons were located at the Harwich or Tedburn St Mary premises but investigations are continuing.