Police to Text and Email About Crimes

You can now get a text, an email or a phone message from police to tell you about crime where you live.

Norfolk Police have been showing Heart the brand new Police Direct service that can keep you updated on crimes and appeals exactly where you live.

It will replace the old fashioned Post Office information points that were hardly being used, and the mobile police vans.  The Post Office information points were now costing the police on average £142 for each time they were used.

Everyone is the county is being invited to go onto the Police website and sign up to the service, that lets them choose the areas they are contacted about, and the best way of getting in touch.

Police hope it will also help with catching criminals by quickly getting messages out to people in the location where a crime has happened.

Chief Superintendent Sarah Hamlin said that police were now easier to contact than ever before and that the SNTs, working with new technology, meant that policing services were now within easy reach of everyone. 

“We understand that the public need to see us in action and that we need to be available for them when they need us, not just in emergency situations but for a whole range of reasons.  We have been designing our services around the public and responding to what they have been telling us,”