RAF Marham: Future Decided in Spring

17 November 2011, 06:27 | Updated: 18 November 2011, 07:53

The future of RAF Marham in West Norfolk will be decided next spring, when the Government decides where to base some new jets in 2020.

The Defence Minister Peter Luff told South West Norfolk MP Elizabeth Truss the news in a meeting about the future of the base.

The Minister said the decision will take into consideration the current infrastructure, improvements needed, proximity to training, operational costs and the impact on the local area. It is expected the new Joint Strike Force jets will be located at a single base and RAF Marham is under consideration.

The Tornados currently based at RAF Marham are expected to form part of the UK’s fast jet fleet until the JSF comes into service in 2020.

After the meeting Elizabeth Truss said: “It was a very positive meeting and I am pleased we now know when the decision will be made on basing. The Minister made it very clear that careful consideration will be given to the impact on local communities and service personnel; I emphasised to him the tremendous support RAF Marham has locally. Marham also has the strategic and engineering capabilities to support the Joint Strike Fighter and proximity to training grounds and US bases places it in a good position.  I will continue to maintain the pressure on Ministers and now is definitely the time to fire up the campaign to Make it Marham II.'

Elizabeth Truss MP

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