Rare Snow Leopards Born at Banham Zoo

Three rare new snow leopard cubs have been born at Banham Zoo in Norfolk.

Only a year after moving into their new enclosure, Rocky and Enif, Banham Zoo’s pair of snow leopards, two of the zoo’s rarest residents, have produced three cubs, which are  important for the European breeding programme for endangered species.

The pair have been together since 2008 when Enif was moved to the UK from Tokyo Zoo in Japan.

A purpose built cubbing box, complete with infrared CCTV cameras in all 4 corners, has allowed the staff to monitor the cubs progress audibly and visually during their first few days. An exterior monitor screen has now been switched on to allow visitors the chance to see the cubs during the first weeks of their life when normally they would be hidden from view. 

The cubs will remain at the zoo for at least 18 months after which they will be mature enough to be transferred to other zoos within the European breeding programme, helping to preserve this species future.