Rave Broken Up by Police

19 September 2011, 07:17 | Updated: 19 September 2011, 07:22

Four people have been arrested after police managed to break up an illegal rave.

Police seized a substantial quantity of sound equipment and made four drug related arrests having being tipped off about an event taking place in Thetford Forest.  

Police were made aware of the incident just before 7am on Sunday morning but it is suspected that it had been taking place throughout the night.  Around 200 persons were there.

Officers stepped in as people started to leave the event resulting in three persons being arrested for possession of drugs with intent to supply and one person being arrested for possession of drugs.

Two vans containing sound equipment were seized and several other drivers are likely to be prosecuted for driving offences.

Superintendent Paul Sanford said: "Events such as these will not be tolerated in the county.  We will continue to take positive action whenever possible when future unlicensed music events take place."