Still Places Left For Race For Life

9 May 2011, 05:00

With the first of the Race For Life events in Suffolk and Norfolk starting this weekend, there are still places left for women to sign up.

Thousands of women have already signed up the the 5k events  - which you can walk, run or jog - and which start in Norwich this Saturday and which are also taking place in Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds next month.

The dates are:

Norwich (Norfolk Showground)
Sat 14th May 10am 10k
Sat 14th May 2pm 5k
Sun 15th May 11am 5k
Sun 15th May 3pm 5k
Ipswich (Trinity Park)
Sunday 19th June 11am 5k
Bury St Edmunds (Nowton Park)
Sunday 26th June 11am 5k
Sunday 26th June 2.30pm 5k

38-year-old Mum Pauline Cullum from Norwich used to run the race before getting diagosed with lung cancer last April but after getting treatement from a new drug, she'll be doing it again this weekend.

She told Heart what it means to her: "When they diagnosed me I didn't think I would still be alive now, let alone be able to go out and do this, but fortunately I'm still doing well. I imagine it will be quite emotional finishing it this year."

We also asked her what she likes most about the event: "I think it's one of those events where it's so inspiring on the day. You see so many people and they've all got a story and everybody's there together, motivating each other and it's a whole sort of camaraderie that's just really, really nice."

Vicki Brown, Cancer Research UK Area Event Manager for the East, said: "Everyone at Race for Life has their own special reason for participating. They might be taking part in memory or celebration of a loved one, or to mark their own cancer journey.  They might be joining together for a great, fun day out with the girls.   Whatever their motivation, they are united by a spirit of sisterhood and the heartfelt determination to beat cancer. Together they are doing something extraordinary – raising money to fund research which saves lives."

You can find out how to sign up by following the link.

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