Take That Fan's Ticket Worry

A woman who bought tickets to see Take That is telling Heart she's worried she might not get to go as she hasn't been able to contact the company she got them from.

Debbie Laffling from Hopton says she's not been able to get in touch with Lowestoft Travel about the tickets to see the gig at Wembley in July.

Heart's also tried to get in touch with the company but we haven't been able to. Norfolk police say they're now investigating complaints they've had.

Debbie says they've spent a lot of money which they're worried they might not get back: " I purchased three tickets and that was just over £300, a friend of mine £500, we know someone else who spent over a grand. You've paid the money, you've got nothing to show for it and you're not going to get to see Take That."

She also told us it's frustrating as they don't know what's going on: "You feel as though you have to laugh, because if not you'll cry and then you get really angry. I think it's more the fact we haven't got the tickets rather than the money we've lost. There's a number of us who were taking young children, and to see their faces when you now say we're not going."

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