Taverham: Girl Hurt In PE Lesson Dies

20 March 2013, 13:46 | Updated: 20 March 2013, 14:34

A girl who fell and hit her head in a P.E. lesson at Taverham High School has died.

She was using the pommel horse when she hit her head last week.

Pupils at the school were told this morning that she had passed away.

A team from Norfolk County Council are at the school to help pupils and teachers and the Health and Safety Executive is investigating how the injuries happened.

Ron Munson, headteacher at Taverham High School, said: “It was with great sadness this morning that we told students and staff the heartbreaking news of the death of one of our year eight pupils. Everybody is deeply saddened, and our thoughts are with her family and friends at this terribly difficult time.
"Staff and students are being given the support they need to try to help them come to terms with what has happened, both immediately and in the coming weeks and months, and give them every opportunity to share their memories of their friend if they want to do so.
“She was a sunny girl and a bright student who worked hard, played a full part in our school community and could often be seen around the school, getting involved in whatever was going on, and always smiling. She was a big part of our school and we are all deeply affected by her loss.
"The County Council's Critical Incident Team is currently at the school to support staff and students, and our own pastoral team is also helping us through this extremely difficult time.
"Norfolk County Council has informed the Health and Safety Executive, which has already visited the school and an investigation is underway. Police are also investigating the circumstances surrounding the pupil's death on behalf of the coroner, and we are assisting in whatever way we can. An inquest will be held in due course."