Water Bills up in Norfolk and Suffolk

31 January 2012, 09:17 | Updated: 31 January 2012, 09:48

Average water bills in Norfolk and Suffolk will be going up from April 1st by 5.4%, about £22.

The rise is part of a nationwide bill increase by water suppliers.  

Ofwat, Chief Executive Regina Finn says, "We understand that any bill rise is unwelcome, particularly in tough economic times.  Inflation feeds through into water bills, and this is driving these rises."

The water companies will be investing £22 billion, more than £935 per property in England and Wales, and customers have been promised benefits ranging from improvements to drinking water and quality, protections against flooding and improving water efficiency.  There will also be schemes to work with farmers and landowners on controlling pollution and cost reductions by better use of land.

The rise for Anglian customers is not the highest in the country, with Southern putting bills up by 8.2%, or £31.