Brookside Day Centre

Brookside Day Centre

Brookside Day Centre provides modern day care services for adults with learning disabilities - they have been working on the idea of providing not only day care services but opportunities for individuals to have an active choice in how they spend their time.

They aim to provide activities that will meet the needs of the individual, moving away from the “one size fits all” approach and wholeheartedly embracing person centred practices.

They cater for adults with a learning disability at their brand new premises in Northampton’s town centre. The design has been very much with their customers in mind.

They have a calming and modern environment with areas for activities, quiet reflection along with social spaces for communal times. Their rooftop garden will be used to grow organic fruit and vegetables that will be used to prepare tasty lunches and snacks. This will be tended by those who enjoy gardening.

At Brookside they appreciate that we are all individuals and want their customers to have a sense of purpose and fulfilment. All of their activities will aim to:

    • Build independence

    • Create social experiences, develop friendships and positive relationships

    • Enable life skills

    • Grow confidence

    • Support self esteem and awareness

    • Increase health & wellbeing

    • Enable real work experience

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Find them:
Brookside Day Centre,
24 Market street,
Northampton NN1 2DF

TEL: 07788457679

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