10K Reward For Varga's Killer

11 July 2012, 06:00

The daughter of Karoly Varga has made an emotional appeal for information on her father’s brutal murder

Rita Groves found her father's body at his home on Cannon Street in Wellingborough in July last year- he had suffered severe head injuries.

The family have new scrapped together a reward of £10,000 to renew their appeal.

A year long murder investigation has been carried out by Northamptonshire police.

A 47-year-old man was arrested in connection with the murder on 6th October at an address in Stanley Road- he was released without charge.

They now have new evidence to suggest the person that killed the 76 year old was wearing Lonsdale trainers. 

It's also thought they would have had to have left the house with blood stained clothes and an axe like object that had been used to murder the elderly Hungarian man.

Rita, 42 told Heart the killer needs to be found so the family can move on:

"We just want closure, my dad was a really lovely person he was a very kind man he was helping people that came over to this county. He was murdered in his own home and he didn't deserve it"

She went on to say: "its like living a nightmare"

She believes someone must have seen something- she pleads for them to do the right thing and tell the police.

DCI Martin Kinchin is leading the investigation, he told Heart this is an unusual investigation:

"Its very unusual for an elderly person to be murder in their home most of the cases we come across don't involve old people and do not involve people attacked in their home so just for those reasons its an unusual offence"

DCI Kitchin says the police have been working closely with the Hungarian community in Wellingborough.

He says it is possible that the murderer could have left the county and, if of Hungarian origin, returned to Hungry.

He told Heart they have made substantial progress in the investigation but there is a substantial lack of eyewitnesses and the quality of CCTV images is not clear enough.

He says they will continue to hunt for the killer- he thinks the £10,0000 reward could be the incentive needed for witnesses to come forward.