92- Year Old Attacked In Northampton

11 September 2012, 06:00 | Updated: 11 September 2012, 09:55

A 92-year-old man has severe bruising and cuts to his face after being attacked during a burglary at his home

Frank Davis had his head banged repeatedly against the floor by a man who had barged into his home in Northampton and demanded money.
He escaped with cash telling Mr Davis he was lucky that he had money.
It happened at 6 o'clock on Friday evening in George Nutt Close, Northampton and was one of a number of burglaries in the area since June.
Mr Davis said: 
"He grabbed my face with his hands and dug his fingers in. It really hurt. He hit my head against the floor several times.
"He asked for money, I was so afraid, I thought I better tell him otherwise he would kill me. I had no choice. I was scared and afraid for my life.
"I don't know how someone can do this. He came into my house, and attacked a vulnerable man like me. These people have no conscience. I really thought I would be killed if I didn't tell him where the money was."
Northants police say two separate, similar offences were reported to them over the last few days.
An artist's impression has been released following a distraction burglary at 3.00pm on Saturday (8 September) in the area of London Road. 
A man knocked on the door of a 90-year-old man, claiming to be from the water board and needing to check the water supply. Once inside he pulled a knife on the victim and demanded money. He then made off with a quantity of cash.
At 3pm last Thursday (6 September) a man called at the home of an 84-year-old woman in Delapre Crescent Road claiming to be from the water board. He pushed his way into the house and instructed the victim to test the taps. When she became suspicious and asked him to leave he slapped her and demanded money. He then left, having taken cash.
The first distraction burglary was on Sunday 7 June at Treetops, Northampton. The second was reported on Thursday 12 July in Bedford Road East. A third was reported on Friday 13 July in Pennycress Place. Another incident was reported on Sunday 19 August in the same road.
Three separate incidents were reported on the evening of Sunday 26 August: one in Pennycress Place, one in Pleydell Road and one in Sheraton Close, Northampton.
Detective Inspector Lorraine Gordon said: 
"These are very serious incidents. Typically distraction burglaries, although unpleasant do not involve violence. What we have seen in the most recent incidents is an unusual level of violence on vulnerable victims.
"In particular, the attack on Mr Davis was callous and unnecessary, and we need to identify the offender responsible.
"We are doing everything we can to investigate theses crimes, and desperately need anyone with information to come forward. We also need family and friends who know of elderly residents to warn them and ensure they do not open the door to unknown visitors.
"If necessary, they can speak to them through the letterbox and ask them to return when there is an appropriate relative in the house who can check the visitors ID.
"We have issued two separate artist~s impressions of people we want to trace in connection with these crimes.
"Although there have been a number of distraction type incidents in Northampton recently, they are rare and at this stage there is nothing to suggest they are connected.
"We are carrying out regular patrols in the neighbourhoods and have investigators working to identify the offenders responsible."