Arrests After Crackdown on Drugs Houses

20 October 2010, 12:36 | Updated: 22 October 2010, 17:11

23 people have been arrested following a week long crackdown on drugs houses in part of our region.

THE intensity of the major policing operation that kicked off in Corby on Monday has continued unabated throughout the week, with impressive results after 17 warrants have been executed across the town, under the Misuse of Drugs Act:

* Police have made 23 arrests- 21 men, 2 women, all local with ages ranging from 17 to 54
* Of those arrested, 17 people have been charged with drugs related offences
* 7 have been remanded in custody, 6 have been delay charge bailed
* £12,000 cash and a significant quantity of class A and B drugs have been seized

The week’s activity followed rigorous investigative work under the umbrella of Operation Guardian, and involved a large team of officers. Specialist entry tactics were deployed to access heavily fortified premises, and sniffer dogs, PAVA spray and scenes of crime officers were used. Three major drugs houses were closed down, all of which had been operating on a professionalised basis.

Chief Inspector Gary Williams, Corby Sector Commander, said: “This has been an extremely successful week. We’ve shown a real determination to tackle drug-related crime in Corby. The results we’ve seen can only serve to build on the trust and confidence our communities have in policing the town.

“We will continue to talk to our communities and ask that they keep on providing intelligence, which we will act on as quickly as we can. The momentum is set to continue, which should serve as a warning and a deterrent to the drugs community of this town.  The support from everybody involved in this operation is a fantastic example of of the team Northamptonshire approach we take to policing the county.”