Boy has dreams come true at Silverstone

Thanks to childrens charity Starlight - who YOU raised money for in our HAVE A HEART appeal - Courtney Moses was driven around Silverstone race track in a ferrari.

13 year old Courtney suffers from a painful and debilitating condition called sickle cell anaemia; an inherited genetic condition whereby an abnormality in haemoglobin causes blood vessels to become blocked. This blockage can cause horribly painful and damaging attacks called 'crises,' which can occur at any time, and could cause Courtney to have a stroke or even go blind.

Since birth Courtney has spent long periods in hospital, fighting one 'crises' after another, but one thing has helped take his mind off his condition over the past few years, and that's Formula 1 and racing driving.

Courtney wants to work in the industry when he leaves school and dreams of becoming a racing driver.

So the charity who HEART supported in the HAVE A HEART appeal, Starlight Childrens Foundation, arranged for him to be driven around Silverstone in a Ferrari California.

Speaking to HEART Courtney said:

"It's been a really good day, amazing. I've never been in one before and it was really fast, like extremely fast. I kind of had a lump in my throat."

Courtney's Mom Yvette said she's really pleased about what Starlight have done for her son:

"What they've done for Courtney is just amazing. Its so nice to see him smile, smile like that and just forget and feel normal because that's what he's always said I just want to be normal."