Brackley business brings home the horn!

18 June 2010, 07:40 | Updated: 18 June 2010, 08:15

The noisy horns are the hot topic at this year's tournament: sounding like a swarm of bees on your TV and noisier in the flesh than a chainsaw.

Now they could be coming to a town, a football stadium or even a street near you too! 

Businessman David Broughton's importing tens of thousands of them - hoping to use his website to capitalize on World Cup Fever sweeping the nation.

Normally his company, based near Brackley, deals with electrical goods - but he told Heart at the moment it's all about the Vuvuzelas:  "During our busy times we're selling about 1 a minute.  Sainsbury's called us yesterday - they're needing another 50 thousand that they asked me for.  Also Clinton Cards."

There's been criticism of the noise they make - with people saying it's hard to hear the commentators in the stadium, but David thinks they can add something to a match: "Somebody said to me yesterday it's like driving a motorbike with a helmet full of wasps, which is quite intriguing.  I see it slightly different to that - I think if you've got wasps buzzing around you it's ok.  So if you've got three thousand fans, like some of the games we've been too, it's a really welcome addition to the game."