Olympic Torch Northampton Information

What time will the roads close?
Roads will close at 9am - 49 road closures will be in place across Northampton. Details are HERE

When will the Olympic Torch arrive?
We expect the torch to arrive at about 10.20am (time may be subject to change).

What time will the Olympic Torch leave?
We expect the torch to leave Becket's Park by 11.10am (time may be subject to change).

Where can I see the Olympic Torch?
The torch will travel from the west of Northampton through the town centre and on to Becket's Park.

The main roads the route will follow are:

(Start) Weedon Road (near Gambrel Road)
St James Road
St Peter's Way
Bridge Street (up to the town centre)
Through the Market Square
Abington Street
St Giles Street
Guildhall Road
St John's Street
Victoria Promenade
Becket's Park (finish)

What time should I arrive?
The torch relay organisers LOCOG recommend that you get there at least an hour before the torch is due to arrive. Remember, roads will close at 9am.

Where's the best place to stand?
This is really up to you. You might want to pick a spot along the route that is local to you, or easy to get to. You could be standing for a little while so make sure you are comfortable or near seating if you need it.

What happens if it rains?
The Olympic Torch will travel through Northampton whatever the weather. If it is wet make sure you wear appropriate clothing. If you do need to use an umbrella, please try not to block the view for other people when the torch passes by. If the weather is hot, remember to use sun cream, wear a hat and bring some water as you could be standing for over an hour in the sun.

Will there be any public toilets available?
All public toilets will be open as normal in the town centre. Many town centre businesses are also part of the Community Toilet Scheme and are happy for non-customers to use their toilets. No special arrangements have been made outside of the town centre. Link to comm. Toilet scheme if on line

What about food - is there anything available?
The wide variety of cafes and restaurants will be open as normal in the town centre.

I live near the route what should I do?
If you need to travel, make sure you have checked out if your road is closed or whether your local bus is running or delayed. There may also be parking restrictions in place from 00:01 hrs on Monday July 2, so you may need to move your car.

I have an appointment in town or at the hospital that day what do I do?
Make sure you check the route to see if there are any road closures in your area and allow extra time to get to your appointment.

What roads will be closed and for how long?
Roads will close at 9am and will not reopen until after the torch leaves Northampton and until there is no danger to visitors leaving the area. Please be aware that roads leading onto the torch route may also be closed. If you live near the route, and need to travel, please check in advance to see if your road is affected.

Will buses be able to get into the town centre?
There will be some disruption to bus journeys on the day, especially in the areas where the torch will pass through. Buses will still be able to get into the town centre, however there may be some delays and routes may be diverted so please plan your journey ahead and make sure you leave plenty of time to travel.Please check with the local bus company to find out more about how your journey might be affected.

Stagecoach Tel: 0845 600 1314 www.stagecoachbus.com

First National Tel: 08456 020 121 www.firstgroup.com

Are there going to be any celebrities attending?
It's possible, but we won't know until the day the torch relay comes to Northampton.

How many handovers will there be and at what points are the handovers?
There will be 17 handovers as the torch relay passes through Northampton.  We are unable to confirm the handover points but they will be in public.

Will there be barriers along the roads to stop children running out? 
There will be barriers in Becket's Park, Abington Street and on the Market Square. On the rest of the route, please take care to stay on the pavement and out of the way of the torch convoy.

Will there be any vehicles or bikes coming along route?
Only the torch convoy vehicles.

Are there provisions for disabled people?
We are making space for wheelchairs in the Market Square.  The Mayorhold is the best car park to park in.

Where should we park?
The town centre car parks will be open but due to the route of the torch, some car parks like St Peter's Way will have reduced access, so plan your journey and parking location in advance.  There will be no entry to or exit from these car parks while the roads are closed: St Peters, St Johns multi storey, Albion Place, The Ridings, Midsummer Meadow, Chalk Lane and Doddridge Street.  If you need to leave the town centre to travel elsewhere during the time of the torch relay, make sure you use a car park away from this route and these car parks. If you plan to park in a street alongside the route as the torch travels into the town centre, please make sure you abide by any parking restrictions and you don't cause an obstruction for other road users.