Corby Shoppers Enjoy Free WiFi

13 February 2013, 06:00

Corby town centre is switching on a new wi-fi service - which it hopes will give it the advantage over nearby rival towns.

Helical Bar, which manages Willow Place is switching on a free wifi service for the public - which is covering all of the town centre.

Shopping Centre Director, Daniel Pickard has told Heart: "We decided we wanted to introduce the town-centre wifi for shoppers and retailers for Corby. It's after we've seen a rapid increase in the numbers of people using phones and tablets for shopping and comparing prices and products when out shopping - and we think it's a way of completing that service.

Our service covers 28 acres, all of the shopping area across the centre of Corby. We want to encourage more people to come into Corby, we also want to add value for people who live here and work here as well as the retailers.

We also want to see more independent retailers - and it's one less thing for them to worry about as they set up, as free wifi is already here."

Mr Pickard told Heart it'll be easy to use the wifi: It'll be a very simple and straight forward process . They'll be a simple registration page after you've enabled the wifi setting, there's the secure login password and then you'll be online.

Asking about the on-going economic prospect for the town centre, Mr Pickard said: "It's no secret retail is extremely challenging with some well known names going into administration. But Corby has weathered the storm pretty well. We have a good range of shops and a mix of chains and independent retailers and areas like the market which helps bring people in. With free wifi, we hope that will encourage more visitors and more new business."