Crackdown On "Fatal 4" Factors In Crashes

7 January 2013, 06:00

Northamptonshire Police say they'll continue to target the ‘Fatal Four’ – the factors behind most serious road accidents after a deadly Christmas on the county's roads.

Five people died between Christmas and New Year in Northamptonshire - bringing the total to 36 road deaths in the county in 2012 - nearly double that of 2011 (19) - and the highest for five years.

The Fatal Four issues which are the key causes of collisions involving death or serious injury in the UK are:-

* Driving under the influence of drink or drugs

* Using a mobile phone

* Speeding

* Not wearing a seatbelt are the four key causes of collisions involving death or serious injury in the UK.

As well as stopping and dealing with motorists who are breaking the law, police will also be trying to simply raise awareness of the real risks involved in not wearing a seatbelt or in using a mobile phone while driving.

Superintendent Andy Cox from Northants Police told Heart: "Over Christmas we breathalised around 1000 drivers, and arrested 36 people on suspicion of being over the limit.

Most people these days would accept that drink driving is extremely dangerous and something you just would not do, and yet everyday we all see far too many people using their mobile phone while they are driving."

Through the on-going campaign, Northants Police will be focussing efforts not just on speeding or drink driving, but on all four issues that cause death and injury on our roads and carrying out a number of days of enforcement to send a message to people that they must not use their mobile when they drive in Northamptonshire.”