Crime In Corby Falls

20 June 2011, 13:15 | Updated: 20 June 2011, 13:25

Two months into the start of the police performance year officers in Corby are please to see that their efforts have been rewarded with some significant falls in crime compared to the same period last year

Highlights include

  • Serious acquisitive crime down from 111 crimes to 102 - a fall of 8.1%
  • Violence with injury down from 122 crimes to 114 - a fall of 6.6%
  •  Antisocial Behaviour incidents have fallen from 936 to 842 - a 10% reduction
  • Criminal damage down from 288 crimes to 182 - a fall of 36.8%
  • All crime down from 1066 to 972 which means 94 fewer victims - a fall of 8.8%

The fall in crime has been noticed by residents with the 84% of people surveyed thinking the police are dealing with the things that matter most in their communities. This is the highest level of satisfaction with the police ever recorded in Corby.

Inspector Gary Williams has been telling Heart:

“We are very pleased that confidence is so high in local policing and we will remain committed to identifying and dealing with the issues that matter most to people in Corby. We are working hard to tackle unacceptable behaviour and the serious crimes which can have such a negative impact upon not only the victim, but also the wider community.

“I am particularly pleased with the huge reduction in criminal damage, which is a very visual crime which can badly affect community confidence and the appearance of our neighbourhoods. The reductions are significant set against a background of extended public holidays and the warm weather. “