Dancers Spoke To Heart About Olympic Scam

18 July 2012, 16:14 | Updated: 18 July 2012, 16:55

Hearts been hearing how some dance students had to rearrange their holidays and even give up their jobs so they could rehearse for a dance they would never get to perform.

Stephen Moonesamy from Lowlands Close in Northampton was jailed for two years yesterday for scamming 75 dancers in Northamptonshire into believing they had been picked to perform in the Olympic Closing Ceremony.

25 of the dancers went to the Kilburn School of Dance in Wellingborough

One of them was 18 year old Lucy Andic- she told Heart he had them totally fooled with stories about how he had been on a tour of the Olympic Stadium.

She says he presented them with facts about how many cameras would be on them and even how much time they would have in the changing rooms.

"He was so convincing down to the finest details, he said that we would be on Blue Peter the TV show so we all booked hotels down in Manchester to be on the show in June"

Lucy says she had the chance to audition for a genuine Olympic Closing Ceremony dance but she turned it down because she believed she had signed a legitimate contract with Moonesamy.

Amanda Wilkins runs the Kilburn School of Dance- she told Heart watching the Closing Ceremony is going to be really tough on them all:

"Every time you see the word 'Olympics'- although its exciting for the country, there’s always that little tiny element of the fact that we all thought we would be a part of it and we're not"